Anna Halprin dances her 95th birthday on July 12, 2015. The global celebration begins now. Sign Anna’s birthday card below and attend one of the worldwide celebration events.

Happy Birthday Anna Halpren
  1. May your dances continue to resonate on this living earth and inspire others to move from within… Infinite blessings and gratitude for your work. Happy New Beginning!

  2. Anna,
    Seeing you last March at my Other Minds Concert was the highlight of the trip for me!
    Love you as always – your spirit is shining through. Much love


  4. With deepest appreciation and respect for the devotion and inspiration of your beautiful body of work. Thank you.

  5. Dear Anna,
    your inspiration keeps on living in the dances I dance, the songs i sing, in all the ways I am touching nature.
    Thank you, Anna, and happy Birthday!!
    Blessings and love,

  6. Happy Birthday Dear Anna, you are one of the most inspirational women in my life. The Spirits sent you into this world! God bless you.

  7. When you were created they broke the mold! Keep dancin’ and know that we are carrying your spirit forth!
    Many happy returns of the year!

  8. Every good wish for your birthday and thanks for your work through Helen Poynor and Suprapto Suryodarmo

  9. Although we have never met, I feel your far spread, fascinating influence while working with Suprapto Suryodarmo in Java and Europe. With all best wishes and many thanks.


  10. Many Happy Returns from the Himalayas of India. In early January 2002 I attended an all day workshop given at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco – you were magic!! Then six weeks of your classes allowed me to have the “Halprin Experience” – so grand. Thank you for your inspiring presence in my life. Anna Louisa in Kalimpong, West Bengal

  11. many blessings to you on your 95th birthday! someone once gave me a dress they said had belonged to you, so i feel as if i have been dancing with you for many years. long may you dance, beautiful person!

  12. Dearest Anna, We first met in 1979 when my mother Martha brought you, Daria and Rod to Topeka, Kansas to give a workshop at the Menninger Foundation, and we danced together many times through the 1980’s, culminating in a trip to Bali. It’s been many years since we connected, but I want you to know your impact on my life and creative expression has been enormous. Shortly before my mother Martha died of cancer in 2013, we watched the documentary “Breath Made Visible,” and felt such gratitude for the times we have shared with you. Bless you for being a beacon of truth in movement, a presence and force for healing in this world. Mazel Tov on sharing your light with us for 95 years! Many blessings, Colette

  13. Happy Birthday Dear Beautiful Anna, your loving giving deeply touched my heart and life, former Esalen work scholar….

  14. My Dear Friend Anna (since around 1963), you are a living magic wand! I cherish our visits together. See you this coming August! With love & light, from Jeff, in Paris

  15. Dear Anna, I have been thinking of you for days, weeks, months. Waiting for the words to arrive. Being grateful for your presence and inspiration in my life, for the wisdom of the Planetary Dance and for the courageous study of the always moving~changing organisms we inhabit, their stories, memories, rising and falling and rising again, breathing, laughter, sorrows and intricate resiliency. Thank you for your constant curiosity, tenderness, humor and elegant way to deeply dance and be danced by life. Happy Birthday! I love you!

  16. Dear Anna,
    I will remember… all ways… 95 birthday celebration… 95 hoop revolutions around your hips ritual… and the more than 95 ways I love and appreciate you. Still celebrating YOU. xo, Cindy

  17. Dear Anna,

    I met you only once in Paris, joining a Workshop (while Ruedi got pics for his film…) But these days with you and your work were unforgettable and inspiring for my whole life…

    All the best for you to your birthday from the bottom of my heart! Good health and lots of light moments!

    Michaela Baumberger, Switzerland

  18. How grand and dignified you are, dear dear Anna! Happy Birthday! One day I might finally meet and “dance” with you. Love, Karin Amann, CH

  19. Dear Anna,

    Since finishing my Level 2 training in May, I have noticed the way I am living more artfully, as I draw upon the experiences I had learning your scores on the dance deck. The quality of my walk down a country road that I have taken many times is noticeably changed, deepened, and richer now. I am deeply grateful for the ways I feel a greater intimacy with life through my time with you.
    Much love and wishing you continued wellness, light and inspiration.


  20. Dear Anna,

    I wish you a very happy ninety-fifth birthday, and many more to come. Currently I am sitting here in Zurich overlooking Lake Zurich and remembering the special movement exploration time I had with you.And one day you pointed out to me „…Peter watch your chest and your shoulders…“ and those words have accompanied my everyday movements, as our body’s posture is chaping our feelings and our feelings influence our body posture.

    I am very grateful to your teachings and having witnessed your artistic work whilst transforming out of a gathering group of people the most beautiful choreographic creations and touching peoples body’s mind and soul, I still feel treasured being part of Tamalpas movement world.

    To the birthday child you are, I convey my deep hearted wishes for your continuing creations, everlasting health and growing fulfillment:



    a new dress will be woven…

    with love,

    Peter, Zurich, July 2015

  21. I believe in living Angels: I found you serendipitously by an angel who guided me to the Tamalpa Institute 11 years ago. I had not heard of you or of it and here I was only right across the Golden Gate.
    You’ve given me many gifts in the past decade but the biggest is truly knowing that I am the choreographer of my life; that my every movement is a dance & to remember to keep on moving no matter what. Thank you for being a change angel in my life, Anna. Happy Birthday.

  22. Happy 95 Anna!!!! Celebrating your wisdom, grace, creativity, innovation, movement, and nature integration. Wishing you joy, longevity, happiness, serenity, and light. Blessings, Amy I.

  23. Happy birthday, Anna! You’re an inspiration to us all! Keep shining on brightly!

  24. Happy Birthday, Anna! Thank you for being YOU! For inspiring me and so many others to be ourselves, express how we feel and what we know and what we don’t know and what might be possible. Thank you for bringing dancers outside into the wilds of nature and the city streets and our imaginations. May you continue to thrive!

  25. Happy Birthday Anna!!! Thank you for sharing your brilliant wisdom of the body!! Your knowledge & choice of words as you teach amazes me in every class! I look around and see bodies dancing with ease & grace having no prior dance experience. You have helped me become more familiar with my body and a much better teacher & therapist. You are my Mentor and I wish you a very Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true! Love you,
    Amy Sabel

  26. Far away but could not miss such celebration! The seeds you planted are growing. By encouraging each and everyone of us to connect with the creative self, drop our inner barriers and dance our own dance freely, you are helping us become better human beings. Millions of thanks for who you are and what you give! And, of course, have a blast for your birthday!

  27. Dearest Anna: You have been a beacon, a lodestar, a model of infinite possibility for so many of us. I send bows of gratitude and leaps of joy on your birthday.

  28. Happy Birthday Anna. From 1975 to the present you have helped me be alive and moving! Your student, Joy Gottlieb

  29. You and your work has touched me deeply. You came for one day to my Feldenkrais training in San Rafael nearly 25 years ago. You had us lay on our backs with eyes closed and dance with our hands. I wept from the pure beauty of how that felt inside. Happy birthday Anna and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I bless the day you were born.

  30. Beloved Anna – happy, happy, happy, blessed and joyfilled 95th birthday! You inspired my live tremendously and Star Fire Mountain College Davos is a seed out of my great time at The Tamalpa Institute. I wish you all the very best and send you all my heart felt blessings. Keep up the good work. In joy and love and greatest thankfulness, Ladina from Switzerland

  31. I wish you a wonderful birthday dear Anna. I’m so touched by your work and the beautiful woman you are. I was very inspired by you and I feel love since the first time I met you.
    Lots of happiness for you dear Anna!
    Warm thoughts from France where we danced the planetary dance near the atlantic ocean.
    with lots of love for your birthday

  32. Listen to my heart’s song. I will never forget You, never forsake You..
    from our beginning in Dec1972 “suckin’,fuckin’ & truckin’ Wkshp.
    Many Happy Returns!

  33. Dear Anna,

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and soul with us over these many decades. I am continually amazed and inspired by your work and see the world differently because of you!

    Have the best birthday!


  34. Happy Birthday Anna,
    Your vitality, aliveness and commitment to endless discovery of movement has inspired my body, teaching, and my approach to choreography through exploring brave movement pathways. I’m very grateful for your courage, endless joy, boundless creativity, open mindedness, use of nature and your graceful work. I will always be mindful of what you have given to our universe through your commitment to transformation – peace – and social transformation. I have worked through illness and grief also and used your methods of movement exploration. I hope to meet you one day and get out to your mountain home. It is a dream of mine! All the best always! Thank you and Love, Lyn-Dell

  35. Dear Anna, happy happy birthday to you.Dance and love and inspirations to you.Im so grateful that I could meet you.All the best,warm and magical wishes.Sibylla

  36. Dear Anna,
    We have never met but i was introduce to your work by Lakshmi Aysola. I feel so much gratefulness for that! Thank you for the present!

  37. Happy Birthday Anna,
    Thank you for embodying nature, knowledge,creativity and joy in such a beautiful dance.
    All my best wishes for you.
    I love you.

  38. Anna ~~ happy 95th!! Thank you endlessly for being such an inspiration for all of us all these years, and for me, individually~~I feel my creativity and soul was literally reborn thanks to Tamalpa Training 1989-90, and you, Daria and Jamie. Many blessings, always — Jo

  39. Anna, I have a real live card for you which I will bring on Sunday and place somewhere so you can actually touch it – the old fashioned greeting. I am so grateful for you, for all the inspiration and mostly for the generosity you have shared with me and others. You never stop giving your dance. With love, Adriana

  40. Dear Anna,
    wishing you a dancy Birthday like all days, you made me be not afraid of age and know in my heart there will always be dance movement constant movement. Thank you xx

  41. Dear Anna, all the best for you, dear teacher-dancer-naturleoving spirit! In Germany we have a children’s birthday song that carries a spark of the wonder of us being here: “Wie schön, dass Du geboren bist, wir hätten Dich sonst sehr vermisst” So beautiful, that you are born. We would have missed you otherwise! So grateful for having met in Zürich and then again at the Mt Tamalpais last June – May your grace, your sunshine, your heartbeat always feel like part of the universe – May life treat you with loving care, ANNA

    Kerstin (Cologne)

  42. Wonderful birthday to you, dear Ana and a very colourful year i wish you***
    I bow to you with grace … such a pleasure having met you once in Switzerland and your teachings i drank and drink like nectar.
    It is one meeting for lifetime and ever since.

  43. lovely ANNA! what a wonderful being you are…thank you deeply for all you gave to me, in your workshop….WONDERFILLED LIFE , WITH YOU YOUR BELOVEDS AND THE WHOLE UNIVERSE…INSIDE ..OUTSIDE….LOVE SUNA

  44. May your day ( and YEAR) be filled with abundant gifts of Love, Joy, Dance, and ALL that brings you to Life ! ! ! ( I danced ‘Circle the Earth’ many years ago in Philadelphia.)

  45. ANNA! You are such an isnpiration and fountain of life giving bodily movements, movements that have been ingarined into music and the resultant has been a transformative wave that has swept the entire universe! You will never cease to inspire and amaze me!!

  46. I will miss the party but my heart will be with you & Sir Lawrence will be joining me from high above to embrace and thank you for your Love & the Dance for Life.

  47. Happy Birthday Anna! It pains me to miss your birthday celebration on Sunday for I will be teaching the life/art work in South Korea. I feel blessed, as so many have, to have learned to live life as a dance. May we get to celebrate your birthday with you for many more years to come!

  48. Inspiring Anna, May your spirit dance through the winds of time everlasting, and may your body dance along a longing to be FREE! Exhaling LOVE!!

  49. Dear Anna!!!! GRACIAS means thank u and i feel so thankfull to have been so blessed by learning from you! Such and amazing and vital example of a dancing woman wich loves life nature and humans. Such a big heart and awsome talent!!! May your lhere and now be always full of love!

    Big hug and blessings
    Carla Nivedita a student of yours

  50. Happy Birthday Anna,
    You’re an inspiration! I’m so grateful to have had the chance to learn from you, and hope to continue. Wishing you health and happiness!

  51. Hi Anna,
    I really admire you for creating such a unique vision for dance and sharing it with the rest of the world.
    I really enjoyed seeing you at the Planetary Dance event on Mt. Tamalpais. Even though I’ve haven’t yet met you, I feel as though as I know you (from a heart perspective).
    Thanks for introducing your dance technique to my wife, Margaret. Here’s to an Awesome, Healthy & Happy 95th Birthday!
    Love, Jeremiah Anderson

  52. Happy 95th birthday Anna! I’m grateful for you and your family. Your positive influence and teachings to delve into the inner life as a source of artistic expression will carry on in so many of us. With love, Abe

  53. You always inspire me Anna! Thank you four your dance and your internal-external revolution ! From Mexico-France with love, Paulina

  54. I feel extremely lucky. You are to me a mentor, a creative master, that works with land, birds sky and earth and dirt. I feel extreme recognition and profound respect bringing your work back to Venice, in Italy. We are channel of change.



  55. Dear Anna – I only met you at the Movement Research benefit in New York last year, but I’ve read about you and followed your work from afar. You are an inspiration and a hero. I know the universe will bestow so much love upon you for this celebration. How honored we are to celebrate you! Much love and gratitude, Michelle

  56. Anna, during the last 41 years I’ve been honored to be your student, colleague and friend. You’ve inspired my body, my life, and my teaching. What a joy to watch you grow over these many years, to watch your impact spread through the world culture in response to your dancing wisdom. You are a light in my life. I love you, Suki

  57. Dear Anna,

    Happy Birthday.
    Many blessings on your special day and throughout the year.


  58. Dear Anna, Thank you and Tamalpa for being my beyond words guides. How different my timescape looks and feels since I have begun traveling with you. With love and appreciation on your birth and every day!

  59. hola anna, happy pre birthday to you. i look forward to seeing you again, since our planetary peace dance. may you continue to enjoy dancing for love, peace, & healing happiness. happy dancing, 🙂 benito m. santiago (sfd/w multi ethnic dance theatre performance company: 1971-1976)

  60. Dear Anna, I am many years away now from you but my longing ist coming back and thanking you for those unforgettable days in your tree-home-dance-floor. Many years of good health and dancing to you and a lot of love floating around you in all the creativity you made possible – a big contribution to heal a little bit of this unconscious, fighting mankind. Rose

  61. Dearest Anna! Thank you for being such an immense inspiration, for making life an art and art a life. For teaching embodied movment, living and being. I am wishing you glorious celebrations. Much love, and sending you images of bright summer nights and a wiff of fresh mountain air from Norway. As we say up here: Hipp hipp hurra, hurra, hurra!!! Anne (:

  62. Dear Anna, With love and a sandy ocean dance from down here in the corner of England on our magic Cornish isle. Happy new year! Hope to meet in October at Daria’s weekend. luvluvluv Carole oxoxox

  63. Dear Anna,
    happy – happy – happy birthday to your!
    Without your wonderful spirit our work wouldn’t exist; without your wonderful work we wouldn’t have been able to pass on what we teach in Tamalpa Germany. We honor you and thank you for all you gave to us. We wish you many more wonderful dances with your family, friends and students. We wish you light, love and good health for your future. Love from Tamalpa Germany – from Petra, Katrin, Frank and from our students
    PS: We did a birthday video-clip for you – out of our “Performing Exhibition – Birthday Celebration”. We hope you could see it.

  64. Dear Anna,

    I want to thank you for showing up in my life when I needed the Life/Art process to transform a difficult time. Thank you for allowing me to apprentice with you during my Tamalpa training and to be a part of Spirit of Place. Thank you for the workshops and Thursday morning classes out on the dance deck. And most of all, thank you for modeling how to balance life and art, career and family, traditions and trailblazing. Sending gratitude and love, and wishing you a very happy birthday and many more.
    Elaine Rose

  65. I remember fondly our years sharing the building at 321 Divisadero and the many iinteractions with you, A.A., John and Lynn. Happy memories, all! And wishing you a happy dance into the triple digits, 100 years and beyond!

  66. Dear Anna!

    You continue to be a beautiful dancer and leader in the world! Thank you so much for all of your inspiration! I feel divinely special to know you and to have danced with you. Namaste Teacher. Love, Shantee

  67. Anna, you are such an inspiration of vitality and love! Your love for body expression has been inspiring me through out my life. I have learned to listen to my body when it wants to move and let it talk its language. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to meet you and be part of your workshop here in San Diego!!!
    love and light!!!

  68. Birthday greetings my dear Anna. I will never forget you for your early inspirations and kind support of my first photography book “Natural Dance”.You and Ruth Bernhard, both agelessly young, have been my most important artistic influences! With Love, Hal Eastman

  69. Your vitality and aliveness and love and grief and process and commitment to transformation and growth deeply inspire me on a daily basis. Happy birthday!

  70. Dearest Anna,
    A very happy birthday to you. You have countless lives who you have deeply touched, including mine. I am the one who attended the 2015 Santa Barbara workshops at UCSB all 3 days. I have loved your work over the years at Esalen and in Santa Cruz with so much respect, care, and adoration for you and your work. Thank you for living so deeply and truthfully from your heart and for showing us all how dance is our teacher. You have been my greatest teacher who embodies dance and heart in one. A very happy birthday to you.
    Wendy Fox

  71. Dear Anna,
    You have been such an inspiration and Guide in my life since the moment I met you. Your classes always uplift and invite every part of one’s being to come forth and express. Thank you for seeing me so deeply. You have a gift that way. You see people and know how to bring the best… the truth…out of them. I so appreciate you for that. I cherish every moment spent with you…and look forward to many more. Love, Rose

  72. Happy Birthday Anna. Its a good thing i decided to go to Arcosanti 40 years ago where I met you. THAT was the turning point. Much love on your big birthday, and every day.

  73. Happy Birthday Anna, You came to Arcosanti and gave a workshop for the 1978 Summer Solstice. It was Amazing, as are you.

  74. We have been blessed, and shared so much joy and deep passion with you. Love you and wishes for the sweetest birthday.

  75. Dear Anna HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I have done Tamalpa Immersion program and would like to thank you very much for your amazing work and legend you have left to the world. I hope, I will still have the chance to meet with you in person some time. With love, Gabrielle Eggstein

  76. Dear Anna, You have been instrumental in helping me “to make dance matter”; to be deeply meaningful and interconnected.
    HAPPY 95TH BIRTHDAY! With Love, Marilyn Jensen

  77. Dear Anna,

    Betsy Polatin here.

    Happy, Happy, Birthday!!
    I met you at Connecticut College in the early 70’s. I was Frances Cott’s assistant. I loved learning from you and talking about life and Art with you, and Sir, and Patrick.
    The freedom you gave me has inspired me to pioneer my own work related to movement and habitual patterns. My book is called “The Actor’s Secret.”
    One other thanks I owe you. You used to talk about your daughter, Daria. I, as a young dancer thought, what a beautiful name for a girl. So I named my first girl, Daria.
    Much Love

  78. Blessed Anna : You are a beacon of light to so many . In the early 80’s I was introduced to your courage and freedom of movement at Esalen Institute and my life was changed forever!! To Life! Harriet Rosen

  79. Happy 95th birthday Anna, you magic woman, shaman, able to raise big energies in groups and let them flow with no constraints. I saw you the first time in 1981 with Mitzuko, who was one of your teachers, it was a social event in your school and I didn’t even talk to you, but that night you came into my dream. That is how I saw right away how mighty special you are.
    I remember vividly the first event with you and Lawrence: Creating new myths and rituals for the community; and then Circle the mountain , Circle the Earth, Theatre improv, learning to make scores, and on and on,so many memories, so many people you touched. I appreciate your genius, courage, power, and your generous heart. I love you and wish you to continue blessing us with
    your gifts.

  80. Happy Blessed Birthday, Anna!
    Inmates in Dallas danced the Planetary Dance, today, in solidarity. They really enjoyed it and felt a deep empowerment while moving for a purpose.

    Inspired by your open inquiry and life teaching, I am happily walking the path of continual investigation into dance, ritual and community. Thank you for your unyielding push to wake up the world thru dance and art. I jump horray jigs for your generosity, enthusiasm, and creative spirit.
    Bowing to you,

  81. Dear Anna,

    Happy Merry Birthday to you!
    You let me how to dance out of cancer, to create beauty out of damage, to dream(Traum) out of Trauma through the wonder-ful Tamalpa Life-Art Process training programs. Your presence are Hope and Blessing and Dance to me, a cancer survivor and Tamalpa Practioner. I will follow You and Your aesthetic response to Life and Nature.

  82. Happy Birthday Anna! I was a partner and dear friend of Nikko. In fact, he got me to participate in Circle the Earth! He has passed away but if he was able, I know he would tell you how much he loved you and how much you changed his life.

  83. Thank you for all the extraordinary gifts and inspiration. With love and gratitude, Joanna

  84. dear anna, u r an inspiration!!!! blessings to u on this day celebrating ur birth! the breath made visible reawakened me to life lived in creativity and truth…thank u anna!!!

  85. happy birthday, Anna!
    all love and deep admiration and respect. in solidarity always, Anne

  86. giggles and wiggels on your birthday a gift for us ..a gift to you ..love and tenderness NAvanita

  87. Happy Birthday to you! You have influenced and inspired me greatly. Best memory: Well, 2. Being in your studio in the rain. And watching you curl into a ball at the 75th. Took my breath away. Blessings to you! Judy Cameron

  88. Dearest Anna
    My life changer. My mentor. My sister. Your light goes to the universe and beyond. How lucky for me I bumped into in NY 36 years ago. I learned to live fully in this world.

  89. Dear Anna,
    I´ll play the horn for you on your special day and pass on your dances in nature.
    greetings to you and your enlightening studio!

  90. Thank you so much for the inspiration and hope you bring into my life i hope i can meet you one day 🙂 Happy birthday!!!

  91. Happy Dance Birthday and thanks a lot for the inspiration and all that you have shown us through dance.

    Yes we dance for you in Berlin
    Tanztheater Piccolino and
    Hanne Franziska Bender Tanz&Regie

  92. Happy Birthday Anna.
    Sending much LOVE from Berlin.
    Thank you for all the inspiration, all the best for you. We dance for you in Berlin the beauty of dance.
    With gratitude
    from Franziska

  93. Thank you for being born. Thank you for dancing. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday

  94. Dear Anna
    It`s been the moments of meeting that taught me meeting the moment ever since I´ve studied with you. Your unquencable curiosity about Life´s Dance has been an endles inspiration!
    I cherish that ever since!! With gratitude and heartful congratulations, Sonja from Göttingen, Germany

  95. Dearest Person of The World, I recall your 90th B’Day as if it were yesterday! I Danced For Life @ Esalen w/you and have been ever since… Have A Happy andd I hope I do get yo see you on your B’day
    Bash this year ~ I’m healthier than ever and wish to share that joy that YOU as your were such a catalyst ~ Love and so many happy returns to you ~ Joni xo

  96. Dear great lady; i have so many memories of our wonderful times together! I can’t be at Tamalpa, but celebrate your 95th in my heart and all the sweet memories. much love, Robert

  97. Very Dear Anna augurissimi the art life dance never stopped always in a flow happy happy celebration for you!!! bless and love 🙂

  98. Been inspired by your dance work for many years. There is hope for older dancers. I am one of them.

  99. Anna, you have had such a huge influence on my life and work. The times at your workshops are some of my most treasured memories. Thanks for all you do for all of us and for the world. Happy birthday xo

  100. Happy Happy 95th birthday Anna! Your legacy lives in so many of us- even in those who have never met you. Grandmother of dance in the Bay Area and beyond, we are so grateful for your sensitivity your vision and wisdom. Thank you Anna for the shadow work I experienced in one of your workshops on one summer day, and for the opportunity to spend 40 minutes embodying a tree. Thank you thank you thank you. Bless you.

  101. Happy Birthday Anna…. Dancing with you way back in 1984 or therabouts was one of the highlights of my life. Bless you!

  102. Happy Birthday Anna.
    Sending much Love from Los Angeles. A Continuum and SOMAfest hail to you. Cheer, Teri

  103. Happy CosmicDance Birthday. I felt the kindred dancer spirit once at a lecture of Deepak,,you smiled at me as we were eternally dancing thru this planet. I hope to dance with you again. Spirit Alive…….and Loved


  104. Dearest Anna,
    You have touched my heart so very deeply. My time with you studying the LAP changed my life forever. I will always carry you in my heart, body and soul. Happy Birthday my dear friend and teacher. May you surrounded by love and the best chocolate in the world!
    Sue Martin

  105. Happy birthday, Anna, Thanks to you and your wonderful teaching, I met Alice Rutkowski, and the “work” changed my life.

  106. Love and dancing are you–thank you for surviving and sharing–Jackie I’ll always remember your class and advice–love

  107. Thanks to you, dear Anna, my strongest source of inspiration in my life.
    I am so happy and greatful for the gifts you passed on to me. You left strong traces on my path through life.
    With gratitude and love to you from

  108. Dearest Anna who I started dancing with in SF in the 70’s. Especially remembering the TRANCE DANCES on Friday Nights. The drummiing. THe Running. THe processing… the wonder of those times. So happy you listened to your heart and have shared the beauty of dance to so very many.

    Another Happy Birthday to you and may you continue to be in beauty’s arms. LOVE , Patricia Bulitt

  109. Dearest Anna, Thank you for all the inspiration, beauty, dance and engagement you have offered to the world. Love in Creativity, Truth in Movement, Being as Blessing, A life in Art, in deep gratitude and love, Audicia

  110. Wishing you oceans of joy ! Happy memories of dancing Circle the Earth with you many years ago in Philadelphia.The gifts you give to us keep multiplying!

  111. Dear Anna, i send birthday greetings along with so much appreciation for all that you have shown us through dance. Last friday, during a site exploration in the central Octagon in Dunedin City New Zealand, the students preformed your earth run in your honour. I shall not forget dancing this at an NDEO event several years ago. With huge aroha and gratitude. Ali East (University of Otago,NZ.

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From David Harrington and the Kronos Quartet

Happy birthday Anna!

Performed at Sea Ranch in honor of the late Lawrence Halprin.

From Meredith Monk

Dearest Anna,

I wish you a very happy ninety-fifth birthday, and many more. It was so wonderful to see you in San Francisco. You look gorgeous, light, and full of energy.

I know that Gotham Lullaby has been part of your life. You used it beautifully in your piece. I found this very early recording, from 1975 I think, of the piece, and also a companion piece, Gotham Blues. I want to pass them onto you for your birthday. May they convey my love and my deep hearted wishes for your continuing good health and fulfillment.



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